SREB-DSP Publication highlights partnership with NASA to diversify STEM Workforce

Tags: NASA, STEM, Workforce, Doctoral Scholars Program, Institute on Teaching and Mentoring

NASA, STEM, Workforce, Doctoral Scholars Program, Institute, ResearchIn 2013, the DSP and NASA partnered to address the lack of diversity in today's STEM workforce. As a result, the Institute on Teaching and Mentoring welcomed 13 NASA Harriett G. Jenkins Pre-doctoral Fellows (JPFP). Two years later, the number grew to over 50. The DSP has long partnered with states, institutions, governmental entities and private foundations to address the lack of faculty diversity. Through the JPFP and Minority University Research Education Project (MUREP), NASA has also strived to address this, particularly in STEM fields.

Both organizations hope that their efforts will drive scholars who attend the Institute to pursue careers in STEM as researchers and faculty. The publication highlights 11 JPFP and MUREP scholars who are using their research to answer questions related to aerospace engineering, astronomy, materials science and many others. Take a look at the work NASA scholars are engaged in today to impact the communities of tomorrow. Read the publication










Written by Chanell Turner, Publications and Programming Assistant of the Southern Regional Education Board Doctoral Scholars Program.