#NotHidden - Two Awesome Figures Will Grace the Institute Stage!

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The Institute is honored to announce two special guests at this year's Institute on Teaching & Mentoring! 


Judge Glenda A. Hatchett 

Judge Hatchett

















Judge Glenda A. Hatchett, former Senior Attorney at Delta Air Lines, Chief Presiding Judge of the Fulton County Juvenile Court and two-time Emmy nominated host of Judge Hatchett, will speak at the Institute's Saturday afternoon plenary luncheon. 
Through her extensive professional and community work, Judge Hatchett has extensive experience in inspiring and motivating the next generation of leaders. We are proud to have her as a plenary speaker, and we know her words will be a source of encouragement for those in attendance. Hear Judge Hatchett speak about the importance of knowing your dreams below. 

Margot Lee Shetterly











Margot Lee Shetterly, author of the New York Times Bestseller Hidden Figures and founder of The Human Computer Project, will join the Institute as sunday's closing plenary speaker. Her spirited account of a group of African-American women whose mathematical skills helped NASA reach the heavens was turned into a successful film this year. Her work addresses the intersection of defining moments of the American century: the Cold War, the Space Race, the Civil Rights movement and gender equality. Hear Margot Shetterly discusses her inspiration for writing Hidden Figures

There is still time to be added to the email invitiation list for the Institute. Email chanell.turner@sreb.org to receive an invitation to the conference. 

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