Invited participants will receive an invitation letter via e-mail, registration instructions and log-in ID prior to the registration opening.
Registration for the 2019 Institute on Teaching and Mentoring will open July 15, 2019.
Online registration for the Institute will close on October 14, 2019.  Anyone interested in registering for the Institute after this date will be required to register on-site with the correct form of payment in hand.

What is the refund\cancellation policy?

Refunds will be issued for cancellations received via e-mail by October 1, 2019. Please send request(s) for refunds to veda.overton-houston@sreb.org.  After October 1, 2019no refunds will be issued on any cancellations received.  ‚Äč


Upon proper completion of the Institute registration, the Compact and Leader Travel will work together with participants to accommodate all flight arrangements for eligible participating alliances. (AGEP faculty, McNair scholars and directors, SSS students and directors, guests and recruiters are not eligible.) Due to the large number of Institute participants, the Compact cannot guarantee requested flight schedules. Airline information should be complete by September 27, 2019.
The Compact will not make travel arrangements for accompanying family members, friends, etc.
Yes. Upon proper completion of the Institute registration, the Compact will notify the hotel that you will be rooming with a family member. Any participant whose Institute charges are covered by the Compact or other alliances (scholars, faculty, VIP guests, senior scholars, graduate scholars) will be responsible for paying one half of the room upon check out. The Compact will cover one half of a hotel room per eligible participant. The Compact will not be responsible for these charges.
The preferred travel agency used by the Compact for Institute travel arrangements is Travel Leaders. The agent in charge of the Institute account is Betty Brooks at (770) 261-8603. You can also e-mail them at bettygb@aol.com. If you have not received your ticket itinerary within 48 hours of registration, please contact Betty Brooks. Please feel free to contact Betty. For Institute attendees whose travel is not covered by the Compact or an affiliated grant, feel free to use our travel agent.


For each eligible participant, the Compact will pay ½ of the hotel room charge. With two eligible participants per room, the Compact will pay the entire hotel room charge. Individuals who choose to share a hotel room with spouses, parents, friends or  any other individual who is not a participating scholar  will receive the 50% credit option for a single hotel room. If you choose the 50% credit, you must present a credit card when you check in. Accommodations at the host hotel are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so register early!
After you and your desired roommate have agreed to become roommates, enter the person's name in the roommate field when registering. It is important that you both register and input each other's names in the roommate field or we will not be able to accommodate the request.
Be sure to mark the appropriate field when registering as well as notifying the Compact office of the type of hotel room that will be needed (wheelchair accessible, lower level, etc.).
Attendees should settle all incidental room charges (telephone, entertainment, room service, dry cleaning, etc.) directly with the hotel at checkout. The Compact will not be responsible for these charges.


Be sure to mark the appropriate field when registering. This will ensure that your meal ticket is reserved. The Compact and the host hotel will work together to create a desirable menu, however, we understand that we will not be able to accommodate every dietary need. The Compact will not reimburse meals purchased to substitute for provided meals.

General Information

Notify the Institute Coordinator by e-mail at cherryl.arnold@sreb.org. It is important to provide the Compact with the correct mailing information and correct name (name as displayed on your identification) because airline tickets and Institute information will be mailed out based upon the contact information that is provided upon registering.
Yes. Saturday night is free time for all attendees, and dinner will be at your own expense. Please be sure to bring spending money to cover food, entertainment, souvenirs, etc. The Compact will not reimburse meals purchased on Saturday.
Dress for the Institute will be business casual. We suggest layering clothes and dressing for indoor air-conditioning!