ICYMI: Higher Education Diversity Articles - May and June

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A lot is happening in relation to faculty and student diversity in higher education. We have curated some articles that address important events regarding diversity in academia. 

Brown University Making Bold Bid to Assure Diversity and Inclusion - Diverse Issues in Higher Education highlights Brown University's ambitious $100 million diversity plan. 

Creating the Talented Tenth - Journal of Blacks in Higher Education chronicles an associate dean at the University of Illinois who shares the university's success in graduating Black and Latino/a doctoral students.

Left to Chance: Study Shows Female and Minority Students Lack In-Depth Experience with Technology and Engineering - "Black Voice News," reveals the negative impact that low minority representation in STEM will have on the economy and workforce. 

After the Protests: What's Next in the Quest for True Campus Diversity?  - "Huffpost College," contributor and Bryn Mawr College president, Kimberly Cassidy provides insight on the next steps needed to turn calls of action into tangible results for campus diversity improvement. 

Georgia Tech's Gary May: Striving for Racial Parity in STEM - US News and Reports interviews Dr. Gary May, the first black dean of the Georgia Tech College of Engineering, to get his take on ways to increase minority and female participation in STEM. 

US College Introduces Diversity Requirement for Tenure - "Times Higher Education," highlights Inside Higher Education post that details Pomona College's new guidelines that ask tenure candidates to be 'attentive to diversity in the student body'. 

Bonus: Mentorship is a key element to increasing diversity in higher education. Check out the SREB DSP's blog post on cultivating a mentorship style


Written by Chanell Turner, Publications and Programming Assistant of the Southern Regional Education Board Doctoral Scholars Program.