Institute Prep: Check out Twitter Q&A for the Ph.D. Job Search (Full of helpful advice and links to resources)

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The SREB DSP held it's second twitter chat on March 31st at 1:00 PM. The Q&A was with Chronicle Vitae contributor, Professor Is In blogger and Ph.D. career coach Dr. Karen Kelsky. 
She provided her Ph.D. wisdom for one hour and answered questions addressing topics such as: additional ways to search for jobs online, negotiating salary, answering tough questions during the interview, and other Ph.D. career related topics. Dr. Kelsky also took a few questions from the twitter audience. 

Take a second to look through the chat here

There were many links posted for salary negotiation, career management advice and interview guides. 

Bonus: A photo of Chanell Turner, Publications/Programming Assistant at SREB DSP handling the "social media control panel" ;-)